Zildjian A Avedis 18'' Crash Cymbal - Box Opened

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  • Made in the U.S.A and Complete Avedis Zildjian's Signature
  • Vintage-Style Lathing and a Unqiue Patina Finish
  • Smooth Response with Immense Musicality
  • Excellent Balance of Bright and Dark Overtones
  • Rolled-In A Zildjian Trademark and Hollow Zildjian Logo

Zildjian A Avedis 18'' Crash Cymbal - Box Opened


The Zildjian A Avedis Crash Cymbal is a new addition to the legendary Zildjian ''A'' family of cymbals; complex yet familiar with a great balance of bright and dark overtones. Clean and cutting, these Crash cymbals feature a patina finish that adds a touch of warmth while the vintage-style lathing ensures a smooth response with immense musicality. Each ''A Avedis'' cymbal comes complete with a reproduction of Avedis Zildjian's signature, an old ''rolled'' trademark and the weight in grams written underneath the bell.

Please note, the box has been opened as part of our quality control inspections and as such all the seals have been broken. The item itself is brand new and has never been used.

This is a great opportunity to buy a fully functioning product at a discounted price, supplied with a one year warranty.

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  • Thin, loose, played-in feel with immense musicality
  • Controlled response at all dynamic levels
  • Variation in weight among models allows you to seek and pick out your own unique sound
  • Weight - in grams - written underneath the bell of every cymbal
  • Vintage-style lathing provides a smooth response with a great feel
  • Vintage patina finish adds a touch of warmth and gives the appearance of a decades old cymbal
  • Small reproduction ''Avedis'' signature logo taken from his 1939 U.S.A passport
  • Hollow 'Zildjian' logo on the bottom of the cymbal
  • ''Rolled-in'' A Zildjian trademark
  • Made in the U.S.A


  • Series: A Avedis
  • Cymbal Type: Crash
  • Cymbal Diameter: 18'' (45.72cm)
  • Lathing: Vintage-Style
  • Finish: Patina
  • Minimum Weight: 1190 grams
  • Maximum Weight: 1361 grams
IMPORTANT CARE FOR YOUR A AVEDIS AND KEROPE CYMBALS Attention: This cymbal was hand-crafted in the USA and uses special processes that give this cymbal its unique character and looks. Color variations are a normal part of this very unique cymbal. A Avedis and Kerope cymbals undergo a proprietary aging process that adds to their tonality and character. DO NOT CLEAN THIS CYMBAL USING CYMBAL CLEANER OR ANY OTHER TYPE OF CLEANING PRODUCT .   DO NOT STORE IN DIRECT SUNLIGHT OR ELEVATED TEMPERATURES . ONLY STORE  AT ROOM TEMPERATURE.   DO NOT LABEL OR PUT ANYTHING ON TOP OF THE PATINA FINISH.  This may alter the finish of your cymbal in unintended ways.