Zildjian 7A Wood Black Dip Drumsticks

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  • Zildjian 7A Hickory Drumsticks
  • Comfortable and Slightly Tacky Feeling Gripping Surface
  • Provides an Alternative Striking Surface
  • Round Shaped Wooden Tip
  • Light Touch and Great Articulation

Zildjian 7A Wood Black Dip Drumsticks


The Zildjian 7A Black Dip Drumsticks are made from Hickory wood and feature a 15.5'' length with a diameter of 0.525'', this slim profile delivers a light touch and great articulation. The DIP® material is a special coating that is applied to the grip area of the sticks, providing a comfortable and slightly tacky gripping surface. This allows you to loosen your grip and relax, as well as offering an alternative striking surface.

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  • Category: DIP® Series
  • Length: 15.5''
  • Diameter: 0.535''
  • Finish: Natural
  • Wood Type: Hickory
  • Tip Shape: Round
  • Tip Type: Wood Tip
  • Tip Colour: Natural