Yamaha TP-8300R Timpani

  • Pedal Balance Spring System Timpani
  • Cambered Hammered Copper Bowl
  • Yamaha Remo Renaissance Head
  • Rich, Deep Tone with Remarkable Playability
  • Tuning Key, Allen Wrench, Head Protector

Yamaha TP-8300R Timpani


The Yamaha TP-8300R Timpani features cambered hammered copper bowls and a pedal balance spring system. The series has expanded from 23-inch and 26-inch sizes, to include 24-inch and 27-inch sizes - resulting in a broader choice with greater musical expression. The bowls are capable of producing ample volume and optimum resonance while the copper finish provides a rich, deep tone with remarkable playability. For a fast and secure set-up, Yamaha has provided a one-touch lock mechanism on the main casters, as well as an auxiliary brake on the pedal caster. The bowl is secured inside a floating mount suspension ring to prevent distortion of the bowl - for superior tone, resonance and pitch clarity. The main caster nuts are made of steel and add weight and stability to the frame, resulting in a transmittable sound from the floor to every corner of the hall. TP-8300R is part of the established Yamaha Timpani Series which meets the needs of players of all levels.

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The TP-8300R Series

TP-8300R is part of the established Yamaha Timpani Series. Since this series launched, Yamaha have improved and updated the models to ensure they meet the needs of players of all levels. This model highlights the new design in Yamaha's Concert Percussion range.

Bowl Design

The hammered copper bowl features a square cambered shape which delivers ample volume, ideal timpani decay and improved mallet response. The copper finish is capable of producing a rich, deep tone with remarkable playability. These qualities are highlighted by the changes to the bowl size, bearing edge shape and the diameter of the aperture in the bottom of the bowl.

Machine Hammering

To achieve the hand hammering effect, Yamaha has specially designed hammering machines that simulate the process, and avoid inconsistencies achieved when done by hand. This process recreates that of master craftsmen and results in 'hand-made warmth'.


The pedal adjustment clutch system enables the resistance of the pedal to be adjusted without compromising the pedal balance. Pedal spring and head tension are balanced so that the set pitch can be maintained if the player needs to remove their foot from the pedal. Pitch changes are smooth and easy across the range.


The frame supports the bowl and contributes to the sound quality produced by the timpani. As well as ensuring the instrument is durable and can withstand performance, the weight also helps to achieve optimum acoustic response.

Height Adjustment

All casters can be adjusted in height up to 25mm. This enables players to find their ideal head angle and height for each performance. This adjustment can be made by using the tuning key or Allen wrench.



  • Head: Yamaha Remo Renaissance
  • Kettle: Cambered Hammered Copper
  • Tuning Mechanism: Pedal Balance Spring System


  • Tuning Key
  • Allen Wrench
  • Head Protector