Yamaha Absolute Maple Hybrid 50th Anniversary Shell Pack, Natural

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  • 50th Anniversary Limited Edition Shell Pack
  • Special Gold Lugs & Laser-Cut Anniversary Badge
  • Hybrid Shells Deliver Precise Tone Across Entire Dynamic Range
  • Robust Material For Durability
  • Refined Natural Antique Finish

Yamaha Absolute Maple Hybrid 50th Anniversary Shell Pack, Natural

The Yamaha Absolute Hybrid Maple Antique Natural Shell Pack is a celebration of the 50th anniversary of Yamaha Drums. The kit commemorates the unmatched craftsmanship, innovation and sheer quality that Yamaha have grown to represent. The Yamaha brand is still one in its infancy when compared to other manufactures within the industry but this is testament to how influential the brand has become with progressive thinking and beautifully crafted drums. This is why Yamaha has chosen to celebrate such a momentous occasion with the limited edition Absolute Hybrid Maple Shells. The set features a refined antique natural finish, gold lugs and a special laser-cut 50th anniversary badge.

Please note: hardware and cymbals sold separately

Product Ref: 85250

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Yamaha 50th Anniversary

This limited edition shell pack is a celebration of a monumental landmark within Yamaha's history. The year 2017 marks the 50th anniversary for the brand and this shell kit features the high acclaim and standard of quality that the brand has come to represent. Yamaha's ethos stems from wanting to create authentic acoustic kits with courage and ability drawn from Japanese culture. With incredibly high attention to detail and unrivaled work ethic, the company has defined and influenced the makings of the modern drum kit. The absolute maple hybrid shell pack will forever bear the celebration of the year with a special laser-cut 50th anniversary badge.

Absolute Hybrid Maple Shells

The attention to detail that brought Yamaha to 50 years is on show with the absolute hybrid maple shells. Yamaha focused on designing drums that would perform at any and all dynamic levels, no matter the genre. The hybrid maple shells provide an excellent response to the drummer's touch, whether hard of soft, to allow for incredibly wide playing styles. The next step was ensuring a classic appearance to fit any environment, matched with the durability to last. With the limited edition shell pack, the added gold lugs, antique natural finish and laser cut badge accentuate the special finish of the drums.

YESS III Tom Mount

Building upon the success of the Yamaha YESS IIm tom mount, the YESS III is designed to reduce acoustic dampening even further than its predecessor. This reduction allows the hybrid shell to vibrate for longer and as a result, generate higher sustain levels and volume.

Bearing Edge Shape

The bass drum within this shell set features a bearing edge angle different to the one used on tom and snare shells. A 30°/R1.5 edge is used on the bass dram to ensure a fully optmised tonal balance across the whole set. The result is an end tone with a deeper, more powerful sound.

Gold Hook Lugs

The hybrid shells deliver effortless head replacement that is both quick and easy, precision tuning, and even high-tension tuning. The base of the hook lugs are designed with a small footprint to maximise tone output and for the 50th anniversary edition, feature a refined gold finish.


  • Hoop
    • Material: Aluminium Die Cast
    • Thickness: 3 mm
  • Lugs: Gold Lugs
  • Shells
    • Thickness: 8 mm (BD), 6.2 mm (TT, FT)
    • Material: Maple-Wenge-Maple Hybrid (8 Ply)
  • Snare: High Carbon Steel 25 Strand
  • Strainers
    • Butt Side: DC3 Type
    • Release Side: Q Type
  • Head
    • Top: Clear Emperor
    • Bottom: Clear Ambassador
    • Front: Smooth Black with Special Laser-Cut 50th Anniversary Badge
  • Bearing Edge: 45° (SD, TT, FT), 30° (BD)
  • Tom Mount: YESS III
  • Finish: Antique Natural