Paiste Nicko McBrain Treasures Cymbal Tour Set

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  • Limited Edition Cymbal Set of Iron Maiden's Nicko McBrain
  • 12 Cymbal Set Designed for the Advanced Metal Musician
  • Signature Reflector Series Produces Classic Tone
  • Mayan Inspired Decorative For Stunning Finish
  • Limited to 83 Boxes Worldwide

Paiste Nicko McBrain Treasures Cymbal Tour Set


The Paiste Nicko McBrain Treasures Tour Set is the limited edition cymbal range from one of the world's most influential drummers. This 12 cymbal set features all the models specifically chosen by McBrain for his recording and live work with the legendary metal band Iron Maiden. All of the cymbals have custom finishes inspired by the Mayan graphics used with Iron Maiden's stage set. The set features china, hi-hat, crash, ride and heavy bell cymbals that are from the renowned Signature Reflector and RUDE series. This pack comes in a limited edition wooden treasure chest with additional contents including signed CD and Vinyl versions of The Book of Souls album, signed Nicko McBrain signature drum sticks and a signed certificate of authenticity.

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Nicko McBrain

Few drummers have become as much of an influence as Nicko McBrain. Having joined Iron Maiden in 1983, McBrain quickly established himself as having a unique style that complemented the band’s forward-thinking music. McBrain’s punchy technique and charismatic performances have inspired drummers for decades. The limited edition Paiste cymbals have been carefully chosen with McBrain to suit his particular style and weight of playing. The silk screened finishes on each cymbal features engraved Mayan script relating to significant points in McBrain’s drumming career. The Treasures cymbal box set is a suitable tribute to one of metal's most highly regarded musicians.

Signature Reflector Series

The Signature Reflector series cymbals featured in the Treasures set have a classic tone that’s ideal for metal drummers. Originally produced in the 1980s, this cymbal series has a traditional bronze alloy that’s crafted at a colder temperature than standard. The result is a smooth, dense sound with slightly dampened high frequencies and plenty of depth. This dark tone has a wide frequency range when struck with different weights of your stick. The bell character is more separated than a traditional alloy cymbal, but no control is lost due to this. This overall sound perfectly matches Iron Maiden’s music, and is suitable for musicians wanting intensity from their cymbal.

Limited Edition Treasure Box

The Treasures set not only includes an outstanding range of cymbals, but also a bespoke box and extra contents. The wooden case is laser engraved with Mayan themed symbols and features a steel Paiste plaque. The CD and vinyls of Iron Maiden’s album ‘The Book of Souls’ have been signed, as well as McBrain’s signature drumsticks and a signature of authenticity. This collection has been limited to 83 worldwide units, and is a stunning tribute to Nicko McBrain’s musicianship.

Included Cymbals

  • Signature Reflector 14’’ Heavy Hi-Hat
  • Signature Reflector 15’’ Heavy Full Crash
  • Signature Reflector 16’’ Heavy Full Crash
  • Signature Reflector 18’’ Heavy Full Crash
  • Signature Reflector 19’’ Heavy Full Crash
  • Signature Reflector 20’’ Heavy Full Crash
  • Signature Reflector 22’’ Heavy Full Crash
  • Signature Reflector 22’’ Bell Ride
  • Signature Reflector 22’’ Heavy China
  • Signature Reflector 20’’ Fast Medium Crash/Ride
  • RUDE 17’’ Crash/Ride
  • Formula 602 13’’ Heavy Bell

Box Contents

  • 12 Cymbals
  • Iron Maiden 'The Book of Souls' Signed CD
  • Iron Maiden 'The Book of Souls' Signed Vinyl
  • Nicko McBrain Signed Signature Drumsticks
  • Certificate of Authenticity