Mapex Armory S800CB Chrome/Black Plated Snare Stand

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  • 3 Tier Design with Universal Ball-in-Socket Snare Basket Tilter
  • Die-Cast Snare Basket Adjuster with Clamp-Style Memory Lock
  • Double Braced Legs with Rubber feet for Maximum Support
  • Convenient Offset Multi-Step Adjuster
  • Chrome/Black Hybrid Finish

Mapex Armory S800CB Chrome/Black Plated Snare Stand

The Mapex Armory S800CB Snare Stand is an ideal snare stand for a developing drummer looking to upgrade to high-quality Mapex hardware. With a universal ball-in-socket basket tilter and an offset multi-step adjuster, the S800CB allows for limitless possibilities in terms of snare positioning. A die-cast basket adjuster and a clamp-style memory lock provide another level of stability and balance for your snare, ensuring it stays where you need it throughout your performances. The sturdy and secure memory locks also allow you to secure your snare at the perfect height for you so that it is ready when you need it most. The S800CB stand is fitted with double braced legs with large rubber feet for elimination of unwanted snare movement, perfect for even the most intense drumming sessions. With an extremely versatile and functional design, the Mapex S800CB Snare Stand features all the adjustability and high-quality components required by a serious player.

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  • Offset multi-step adjuster
  • Universal ball-in-Socket snare basket tilter
  • Die-cast snare basket adjuster
  • Clamp-style memory lock
  • Double-braced legs and die-cast memory locks
  • Large rubber feet
  • Chrome/black hybrid finish