DISC Pearl P-2000B Eliminator Bass Drum Pedal, Belt Drive

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  • Ultimate Fine-Tuneable Drum Pedal
  • Interchangeable Cam System
  • PowerShifter Function
  • Independent Traction Grips
  • Includes Custom Carry Bag

DISC Pearl P-2000B Eliminator Bass Drum Pedal, Belt Drive


The Pearl P-2000B PowerShifter Eliminator Belt Driven Bass Drum Pedal has a huge array of fine-tuneable features, giving supreme control over the pedal action and response. Featuring an interchangeable cam system, infinitely adjustable beater angle, independent traction grips and more, this highly customisable pedal is able to perfectly match the needs and preferred style of any player. Custom carry bag included.

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Interchangeable Cam System

The PowerShifter Eliminator features a total of six interchangeable cam profiles (4 included and 2 more optional) which attach and detach with the simple push of a button. The linear Black and White Cams offer a smooth, balanced action throughout the stroke, with the White Cam's larger diameter providing a lighter feel and increased power. The four offset cams deliver a varying response from the beginning to the end of the stroke, giving you a range of options for different styles of playing.

The Blue Cam is offset and starts with a light feel at the beginning of the stroke and accelerates with speed and power upon impact. The Red Cam is radically offset and provides great response for sensitive footwork and extreme power upon impact. The optional Purple Cam (not included) is right in between the Blue and Red Cams, while the Yellow Cam (not included) has a top-heavy feel and can play moderate tempos with very even dynamics.

Four-Surface QuadBeater

The pedal's QuadBeater provides four different surfaces to choose from - two plastic and two felt - each with their own distinct sound. Additionally, the Uni-Pressure Spring Clamp System allows infinite beater angle adjustments.

Adjustable Footboard Response

The footboard is equipped with the innovative PowerShifter function for which the pedal is named. This feature allows the footboard to be moved forward or back between three different playing positions, altering the belt drive angle to create a light, regular or strong feel. The footboard also includes a removable Traction Plate insert which can be reconfigured to adjust the amount of slip resistance, from maximum grip all the way to full slide depending on your preference.


  • Drive: Belt Drive
  • Beater: QuadBeater
  • Cam: Interchangeable Cam System
  • Footboard: PowerShifter
  • Accessories: Includes Custom Carry Bag