Bar Chimes, 50 Chimes

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  • Double Row Chimes for Full, Loud Sound
  • Shimmering Sweeping Sound
  • Perfect For Film & Theatre Sound Effects
  • Fun Addition to Any Drum Kit or Percussion Set Up
  • Tempered Aluminium Alloy for Bright Tone

Bar Chimes, 50 Chimes

These Bar Chimes will bring a shimmering sweep of bright, metallic tone to any piece of music. Used in multiple genres of music, film and theatre and orchestras, these double row bar chimes produce a fuller and louder sound than single chimes. Treated, aluminium alloy chimes create a bright, flowing sound that resonates freely from the durable wood bar.

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Versatile Special Effect

Bar chimes are used throughout many genres of music to add a unique, interesting accent or exotic shimmer effect. These double row bar chimes would be well placed in orchestras, recording studios, effects rooms, theatre pits, schools and percussion set-ups.

Gently brush the bars from end to end to create a layered, rippling effect or tap specific chimes with the included mallet for a different sound. These versatile chimes can produce a number of different effects depending how you play them so you have plenty of scope for experimentation.

Ideal for Live Use

The 50 aluminium alloy chimes are suspended from a resonant wood bar that encourages volume and sustain. Each chime is carefully suspended on strong nylon ties allowing a wide side-to-side movement that produces greater volume ideal for live playing.

Please Note: A stand to fix the bar chimes to is not included with this product.