Clarinet Bags & Cases

At Gear4music we have a wide range of bags and cases for your clarinet. Ranging from cases you can customise, such as the Heavy Duty Case with Pick Foam by Gear4music, 330 x 200 x 97mm so you can change create your own compartments. We also stock cases suitable for transporting both your Bb and A clarinets together, such as the BAM New Trekking Double Clarinet Case, Brushed Aluminium Finish or, suitable for doublers, there is the Protec Tri Pac Woodwind Combination Case for transporting your alto sax, clarinet and flute individually or together.

Gear4music Clarinet Bags & Cases

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BAM Clarinet Bags & Cases

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Buffet Crampon Clarinet Cases

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Gator Clarinet Bags & Cases

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Protec Clarinet Bags & Cases

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