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Stone Deaf FX Introduce Their New Range of Amplifiers

Stone Deaf FX SD08 8W Digitally Controlled Valve Amp Head
Stone Deaf FX SD08 8W Digitally Controlled Valve Amp Head
Made world famous for their exceptional range of unique and radically designed pedals, Stone Deaf have brought exciting innovations to the guitar community since 2010. Combining British Engineering with high quality components, Stone Deaf deliver premium grade, roadworthy gear to players of all genres.

Recently releasing their first ever selection of amps, Stone Deaf now offer an exciting range of heads and speakers that accurately convey professional tone and clarity within any selection of musical environments.

The Stone Deaf FX SD30 30W Digitally Controlled Valve Amp Heads are completely analogue and are able to reproduce any number of different tones from your guitar, making it a prime contender for the more diverse and eclectic musician.The 8, 30 and 50 watt power outputs options make the SD series exceptionally versatile and give the guitarist the opportunity to choose a head that lies in accordance with their specific playing requirements. The 8W, whilst capable of producing a thick and robust tone, finds itself best suited for home use. The 30W and 50W models however, find themselves more comfortable within a live environment, able to project a confident and wholesome tone with ease.

To accompany the new range of Stone Deaf Valve Amp Heads are the Stone Deaf FX Guitar Cabinets fitted with Fane FX70 Speakers. Featuring a large bass response and a closed back design, the cabs are able to reproduce a tight and concentrated sound that is able to spread equally across even large venues. Ideal for use within studios or live applications, the cabinet themselves are made from Poplar, making them ideal for live bands who need to transport the cabs to and from gigs thanks to their sturdy composition. With each cab having been designed to complement the respective amplifier head , their individual frequencies directly correlate with one another, providing for umatched tone whatever the occasion.

Another brand new addition to the Stone Deaf range is the Stone Deaf FX SD30C 30W Digitally Controlled Combo Valve Amp. Great for the musician who needs an amp that is not only portable but performs on a consistent basis, the Stone Deaf SD30C Combo allows the user to access 32 readily available pre-sets, including integrated digital reverb . With 8 banks in total to access the 32 presets from you can quickly and easily access the precise sound you require without a moment's hesitation. With built-in EL84 power valves, the SD30C is capable of producing a classic tone that brims with depth and crisp definition.

Stone Deaf Amps are available now at Gear4music. For more information please visit our Stone Deaf product page.

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By Josh Hummerston

Posted on 20 Feb 2017 16:40 to category : Instruments News

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