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iZotope Release Professional Standard Mixing Software 'Ozone 7 Elements'


iZotope are releasing Ozone 7 Elements today, a simple macro control that gives the user an entry level point into the Ozone 7 mastering line.

Ozone 7 allows you to get your mixes radio ready with minimal effort. With high quality industry standard processing, you can expect a full, rich and loud mix that operates within professionally-crafted presets and simple macro controls.

Ergonomically designed to encourage a consistent workflow, its never been simpler to achieve a final mix with the sonic characteristics of your favourite artists.

Ozone 7 features varying presets. To start, simply select a preset and then utilise the series of Ozone processors designed to bring your tracks to a pristine, professional standard. Choose your preferred option from Genre-Specific, All-Purpose or Artist Signature presets to more accurately define your specific sound.

Featuring unique sliders, the user is able to subjectively alter their parameters to their preferred sound. In addition to Ozones legendary Maximiser, this powerful combo enables the user to operate louder without clipping or sacrificing clarity or punch.

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Posted on 15 Nov 2016 10:36 to category : Instruments News

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