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SubZero Launches New Active Digital Speakers and Subwoofers

SubZero Active Digital Speakers
SubZero Active Digital Speakers
SubZero's Active DSP Speaker range is the exciting new entry to its PA Speaker line up. Comprising of 10", 12" and 15" active speakers as well as 15" and 18"active subwoofers, the new SubZero DSP Speaker range has been engineered to deliver high quality, professional audio for a wide range of applications.

Utilizing cutting edge digital processing technology the SubZero Active Speakers are suitable for both beginners and seasoned professionals alike. With an extensive selection of modes and user profiles, the speakers can be used for anything from live performances to DJ sets.

Each of the Active DSP speakers is equipped with digital EQ presets designed to deliver on real world requirements, allowing you to quickly and easily alter the sound produced for any application.

For those that like to further customize their sound, Smart Curve EQ technology allows you to quickly adjust treble and bass, while auto-smoothing the frequency curve, ensuring an audibly balanced response to any of your adjustments.

Pick and choose between the four individual EQ modes; Normal, Live, Club and Speech. Each specifically designed to meet the demands of different venues, these meticulously crafted user profiles allow the speakers to operate efficiently in almost any context.

  • Normal Mode: Operating the speakers in this mode leaves the EQ levels unaltered.

  • Live Mode: Designed to articulate the higher frequencies often lost in the midst of a band's performance, Live Mode places particular emphasis on boosting the mids and treble frequencies within the mix.

  • Club Mode: Great for pulsating drumbeats and pounding basslines, this setting gives special attention to the lower frequencies, making it ideal for dance music.

  • Speech Mode: Emphasizing the range in which the human voice resides, speech Mode brings further clarity to your voice.

Through three distinct DSP location modes, the speakers can adapt to a number of different roles, usually restricted to individually specialized products. Not just for "Front of House" sound, the SubZero DSP speakers also offers the flexibility to be used in the following orientations:

  • Pole Mode: When in this configuration the speaker emulates the response of a pole mounted speaker through the enhancement of its bass frequencies, giving a comprehensively balanced response.

  • Monitor Mode:'Monitor' mode is ideal for performers who need to hear their own sound cut through the mix. Bass frequencies are slightly reduced and treble frequencies are boosted enabling the performer to hear a more articulate and clear response.

  • Bracket Mode: This setting Ideal for those scenarios in which the speaker is suspended from fly points or placed on a wall via speaker bracket. Great when paired with a subwoofer, the speaker can cut above the lower end of the spectrum to provide a concise and clean cut sound.

The SubZero DSP subwoofers also feature a selection of different DSP settings such as a cardioid array, which works to limit the effects of potential phasing issues with large scale setups. A heavy duty "gig tough" steel grille provides for next level protection against the perilous and often unpredictable nature of live performances, giving you complete peace of mind both on and off the stage. Featuring 300-500 Watts RMS of power driven through class D and AB bi-amplification, the SubZero DSP range offers incredible projection and versatility across the board.

Much like their DSP Speaker counterparts, the DSP Subwoofers are able to be deployed in any number of different scenarios with advanced delay and crossover functions. With a simplistic one knob design situated on the back of the speaker, you can scroll through the provided presets on an easy to navigate LCD screen. 3 distinct location modes allow the subwoofer to account for any changes to the speaker's environment, ensuring a consistent and reliable performance.

  • Normal: When in its normal configuration the subwoofer's settings remain unchanged. When in this state the subwoofer fulfils its usual role a solitary floor-based speaker.

  • Cardioid: A feature that is best suited to situations in which two subwoofers are in use, 'cardioid' prevents the cancellation of sound caused as a result of the speakers pairing. By producing a slight delay on the sub, the subwoofer is able to overcome this problem ensuring a consistent formidable low end is delivered.

  • Endfire: Ideal for instances in which subwoofers are stacked atop one another, this mode adjusts the output of the speaker to ensure that any phasing issues are dealt with from the outset.

As well as its three distinctive location modes, the subwoofer benefits from four separate profiles, each designed to emphasize particular frequencies according to its application.

Designed to be universally effective regardless of user experience, SubZero's brand new DSP speaker range takes the hard work out of PA system setup and allows you to focus on what really matters - the performance.

For more information on SubZero's range of SZS Digital Speaker range, please visit our dedicated SubZero Active DSP Speakers product page.

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By Josh Hummerston

Posted on 31 Jul 2017 12:00 to category : Instruments News

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