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ROLI Releases Seaboard Block and Touch Block MIDI Controller

ROLI's Seaboard Block
ROLI's Seaboard Block
ROLI has just announced the release of the brand new Seaboard Block and Touch Block units. With this new release we can expect a whole new dimension of expression and versatility.

Seaboard Block

A familiar face in an all new format, the ROLI Seaboard Block is a futuristic reinterpretation of your everyday keyboard. Replacing keys with touch sensitive 5D Touch Technology and a pressure-responsive surface, you can shape your sound with the slightest movement of your finger. Just like its bigger brother, the ROLI Seaboard Block takes all of the functionality and expression of the Seaboard Rise series and places it into a more compact and portable interface. Play the Seaboard Block independently or integrate with ROLI Lightpad Blocks for unlimited creative potential.

Wireless operation enables you to use the Seaboard Block wherever you are, perfect for capturing inspiration the moment it strikes. Download the ROLI NOISE app and you have a library of 200 sounds to work with. You can even use the Seaboard Block in your favourite DAW via the free Equator desktop app. Fitted with an extensive library of unique samples and patches, you can experiment with some of the industry’s most critically acclaimed plugins. Adjust existing samples or download your favourite artist's sound pack to refine your sound. With the likes of Steve Aoki, RZA and WondaGurl having contributed to ROLI's patch library, you can play with the hottest sounds in the industry on ROLI’s most accessibly priced Seaboard to date.

Touch Block

Not to be cast aside in the shadow of the impressive Seaboard Block, ROLI's Touch Block MIDI controller gives you full control of your Blocks, changing the way that they interact and respond to your very touch. With 8 new features on the Touch Block you can alter and direct your music in real-time with the slightest touch.

The 8 functions featured on the Touch Block are as follows:


- Delicately alters and adjusts the responsiveness of the Seaboard and Lightpad Blocks in relation to your touch. Once turned to zero, the Blocks play each note at maximum volume regardless of how hard that you hit the pad.


- Encourages a glissando type feel, seamlessly merging notes together into one continuous and flowing motion. At its maximum capacity, the surface mimics the dynamics of a violins fretboard whereas when at its lowest replicates the behaviour of a piano or keyboard.


- Alter the sensitivity of the Seaboard and Lightpad Block when it comes to both up and down finger movements. With this handy feature you can easily determine the amount of the pad that you wish to use. Use the whole pad to modulate a sound parameter or use a small section of the pad to interact with the smallest of finger movements.


- Adjust the sensitivity of Seaboard and the Lightpad Blocks to the pressure of which the note is held.


- Dictates the sensitivity of Seaboard and the Lightpad Blocks to the speed at which fingers are taken from the surface, effectively altering the attack and delay of the pads.

6. Strike Lock

- Locks the velocity dimension to a defined parameter. Those familiar with compressor pedals will appreciate this in abundance.

7.Glide Lock.

- This feature is an automated characteristic that automates the glided pitch between two notes. This can then be adjusted by the /- buttons.

8. Piano Mode.

-This feature eradicates any touch response currently present on the Block, making it react in the same way that a piano does.

For more information on our range of ROLI products, please visit our ROLI page.

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By Josh Hummerston

Posted on 8 Jun 2017 12:00 to category : Instruments News

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