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KORG Gadget Update and Free 'Lite' Mac Version

KORG's Gadget
KORG's Gadget
KORG has recently disclosed that it will be launching a free version of Gadget for Mac alongside an update to the full version of the app. This free Mac version of Gadget is a 'lite' interpretation of sorts, featuring the essential features of its fully fledged cousin. Featuring five gadgets that have been selected to optimise the users experience the Gadget software also features MIDI support, ensuring that you are granted a comprehensive production experience. Whilst the particular gadgets have not yet been disclosed, the 5 features that Korg has selected are presumed to contribute to the overall functionality and workflow of the app.

The full update, on the other hand, will feature a brand new gadget named Milpitas, whose multifunctionality and immersive customization will open up a whole new corridor of opportunities to the discerning producer. Milpitas creates sounds with its temporal tone modulation sound generator and also facilitates the use of tones featured within Korg's Wave Sequence Synthesizer 'Wavestation'. Originally released in 1990, Korg's WAVESTATION synthesizer was heralded for its ability to produce new and innovative sounds by intertwining various waveforms and sequenced patterns. 27 years later, KORG's crowning glory has been reimagined into a completely digital and compact format, allowing you to operate your mix by touch alone.

In addition to this, users can now preview the sounds featured within Gadgets, allowing for a handy insight to the sound of the tone before it is applied within a practical music environment. KORG's Gadget houses up to 30 small synthesisers and drum machines within a simplistic and easy-to-use interface. Able to accommodate anything from rock to electronic music, Gadget harnesses 50 years of Korg's experience into one condensed music production suite.

For more information on where you can download the update or the lite version please visit the KORG website . For more information on our range of Korg products please visit our Korg product page.

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By Josh Hummerston

Posted on 5 Jun 2017 16:34 to category : Instruments News

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