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JHS' Pedals NAMM 2017 Releases Scheduled For Shipping Soon

Ryan Adam's VCR Pedal
Ryan Adam's VCR Pedal
JHS' latest pedals', the Calhoun V2, VCR and Milkman each offer generous helpings of the unique and quirky soundscapes that we have come to know and love from the Kansas based manufacturers.

A signature model co-designed by Ryan Adam's , the VCR pedal takes direct inspiration from the eccentric and enigmatic tones of the 1980's, drawing upon the likes The Cure and The Smiths. With the volume, chorus and reverb parameters you can effectively dial a sandwiched three analog effect that emulates a classic otherworldly 80's guitar tone. Complete with a true bypass stomp switch that simultaneously acts as a master on/off selector, you are granted complete control of your set up without having to worry about any accidental bleed or external interference to your tone. Instant feedback is a feature which is crucial to almost any live environment, and the VCR's corresponding LED lights for each of the individual effect provide the player with just that. A direct visual cue, you can efficiently determine whether when the effects are on or off, allowing you to avoid any unfortunate 'technical difficulties' that are an all too often plague upon the live guitarist

The Milkman came into being after Josh Scott of JHS and Tim Marcus of Milkman Sound joined forces to create a pedal that offered premium grade echo and slap delay. Whilst at its very core the premise remains relatively simple, the pedal endeavours to deliver premium quality boost and delay through an ergonomic and practical application. A 2 in 1 pedal that rolls boost/echo capabilities into a relatively small footprint, the Milkman is perfect for optimising your tone and pushing your solos into the stratosphere.

Whilst not a brand new concept like its counterparts, the Calhoun V2 has come back into orbit following a massively popular inception. Another signature like the VCR, the Calhoun V2 pedal is the result of a collaboration between Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers' very own Mike Campbell and JHS. A pedal that favours all things fat and gritty, the Calhoun promises to drive your riffs to brand new heights, whilst placing them firmly at the forefront of the mix. The left side of the Calhoun pedal is the drive section of the pedal, whereas the right hand side is preoccupied with fuzz, volume, bias and EQ controls, allowing you make your tone as bright or as dark as you require. For a no frills,high octane thrill ride that will keep your audience on the edge of their seat, the Calhoun is the perfect accompaniment to the nitty gritty, dirt ridden tones of both Blues and Rock music.

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By Josh Hummerston

Posted on 21 Apr 2017 15:18 to category : Instruments News

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