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Gear4music Now Stocking Gurus Amps Boutique Series Pedals

Gurus EchoSex2
Gurus EchoSex2
Gurus Amplifiers are a brand new contingent of Guglielmo Cicognani's amplifier enterprise, expressing a focus upon high-quality, handmade boutique amps and pedals. In 2012 Guglielmo visualised a new project that served the needs of everyday musicians, combining extremely competitive pricing with the latest in innovative technology.

Utilising the finest components and materials at their disposal, Guru have worked closely with artists of all abilities and styles in a bid to ensure all of their creative needs and requirements are catered for. Driven by a desire to evolve and innovate, Gurus focus on both new and prospective solutions to enhance the playing potential of the guitar community.

One such notable innovation of Cicognani's was the Imperium Series Amplifier which singularly revolutionized the amplifier market, granting players the ability to program an all analog, tube amplifier capable of storing up to 127 different tones at any one time. A world first, Ciciognani's affinity for pairing seemingly incompatible technologies continued, as the brand introduced the world's first amplifier able to connect and interact with external digital devices. Developed in 2012, Gurus 'Naked' amplifier granted the user the ability to access their favourite patches featured in various software apps including Jamup Pro XT, Bias and much more.

Similarly revered for their range of trailblazing pedals, Guru have established themselves as pioneers in more than just one field of technological expertise. Among some of Gurus more established pedals, the Echosex 2 and sexyDRIVE have become a staple feature upon many of the world's most reputable pedal boards.

An echo unit initially brought to the forefront of the music scene by prog pioneers Pink Floyd, The EchoSex 2 acts as a modern revamp of its older brother the BINSON ECHOREC. Thanks to the advent of various technological advancements, Guru have managed to modify the Echo-Sex Pedal in such a way that its original tonality and charm remain virtually unaffected and its prior limitations exorcised. With a delay time that can be set from 60 to 660ms and a signal path that is both fully analog and tube-state, the Echosex 2 is among one of the industries most comprehensive delay pedals, covering a broad spectrum of spatial and auditory parameters.

Embodying the spirit of the original BINSON pedal, the Echosex 2 replicates the quirky nature of its predecessor through carefully crafted simulated modulation. After prolonged use the BINSON's mechanical parts wore to the extent of interfering with its signal output, giving each individual pedal a nuanced tone, much sought after in the guitar community at the time. Utilising a signal control named 'Age of Damage', the pedal is able to effectively dictate repeats whilst its feedback control determines the oscillation and brightness of its output.

The SexyDrive MKII much like the Echosex 2, offers a signature vintage tone within the confines of a much more capable and distinguished chassis. Maintaining all the previous features of the old SexyDrive pedal but features a series of practical updates designed to further develop and enhance the users playing experience. Favoured for its 'amp-like response' the SexyDrive MKII takes it influence from some of the most iconic overdrive tones of years gone by, including the likes of Dumble amps and Klon's Centaur. Featuring a blend option and an additional balance control, you can mix the clean signal of the pedal with overdrive to add articulation to your overall playing dynamic.

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By Josh Hummerston

Posted on 15 May 2017 17:04 to category : Instruments News

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