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Focusrite Unveil iTrack One Pre Compact Recording Interface

Focusrite's iTrack One Pre
Focusrite's iTrack One Pre
Focusrite have just introduced the iTrack One Pre. A small microphone preamp and guitar interface, the iTrack One Pre has been specifically designed to be used in conjunction with iOS devices, allowing the modern day musician unprecedented creative access regardless of their location.

Officially certified by Apple, iTrack One Pre works alongside all iOS devices and their associated music apps. One such application is Novation's Blocs Wave app, an intricately designed iOS app that has been made with the sole intention of making and recording music. With the ability to combine your ideas and loop them in real-time, your creativity is able to reign free in an immersive music making environment.

Able to capture exceptional quality audio either directly from a microphone or your guitar, the Focusrite iTrack One generates phantom power directly from your iOS device to allow you to use studio-grade microphones without the need for an external power supply. Not only convenient, the iTrack One Pre features the same premium quality and manufacture that you have come to expect from all Focusrite products.

With its compact frame and extremely portable design, you can easily carry the Focusrite iTrack One Pre in your bag, or even your pocket! Featuring cutting edge design and meticulous manufacture quality, you are guaranteed superior fidelity and an exceptionally versatile application at a moments notice.

Featuring a microphone and guitar input (XLR/jack combination input) the iTrack One Pre accommodates even the most demanding of travelling musicians. Ideal for the singer/songwriter, the interface is the perfect tool for making note of ideas and concepts whilst on the move. Able to record without clipping or distorting you can guarantee pristine quality audio as you first imagined it. An on-board illuminated gain halo which utilises technology from Focusrite's larger interfaces allows you to precisely define these gain parameters, giving you the ultimate control of your audio.

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By Josh Hummerston

Posted on 8 Mar 2017 12:12 to category : Instruments News

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