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Django Reindhardt's Levin Deluxe Guitar To Go On Auction

Django Reindhart's Famed Levin Deluxe
Django Reindhart's Famed Levin Deluxe
Associated with being one of Jazz's most influential figures in the the last century, Django Reinhardt's unique approach to playing guitar has since seen ample adoration and reverence from music enthusiasts around the world. As testament to this far reaching admiration, Reinhardt's famed Levin Deluxe guitar is slated to go on auction this month , with estimates suggesting that the guitar will fetch up to 80,000-100,000 dollars. Featuring a hand-carved top and back, spruce top and maple sides, the guitar is adept at projecting bright and chimey tones, helping to bring definition to both chords and melodies alike.

Born in Liberchies, Belgium on January 23 1910, Reinhardt's passion for music was triggered by a healthy exposure to the extremely creative environment in which he lived. Reinhardt's father was also a musician, and as such placed a great deal of emphasis upon his son, inspiring him to blend traditional Romany music with the American-styled jazz that later emerged from across the Atlantic.

During his childhood Reinhardt and his family settled in a camp not far from France's geographical and cultural capital, Paris. Not long after moving, a young and inspired Reinhardt learned to play guitar mostly through self-tuition, never learning to read or write music. By his early teens he became a mainstay on the local bar and club scene in Paris. Playing mostly contemporary French music, it wasn't long before Reinhardt developed a keen interest in the American Jazz greats, including Duke Ellington and Louis Armstrong.

After establishing some hard-earned credibility through tirelessly insisting himself upon the local music scene, Reinhardt's luck was about to run out. One evening in his caravan on 1928, Reinhardt was woken by a deadly blaze which left his right leg and left hand severely burned. Although both he and his wife escaped the inferno, he was subject to intense rehabilitation for two years before even attempting to play guitar again. Unfortunately, despite this period of recuperation, Reinhardt permanently lost the use two of his fingers, leaving him to devise an innovative and unorthodox method of playing his beloved instrument. In a serendipitous turn of events, Reinhardt's demise came to his fruition. This newly conceived method of playing helped him to establish a truly inimitable sound and tone, helping to propel him to unprecedented new heights. .

Part of Juliens Auctions' Music Icon Auction on the 20 May, the event is to take place at the Hard Rock Cafe New York Time Square.

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By Josh Hummerston

Posted on 8 May 2017 12:13 to category : Instruments News

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