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Dave Smith Instrument's Tempest Halts Development

Dave Smith Instruments Tempest Analog Drum Machine
Dave Smith Instruments Tempest Analog Drum Machine
In 2011 Dave Smith and co collaborator Roger Linns' Tempest was arguably one of the most ambitious and comprehensive drum machines available on the market. This year however, sees the end of Tempest's development cycle.

Using six potent analogue synthesis voices, the Tempest drum machine is able to offer unprecedented control for creating, editing, arranging and manipulating beats in real time. Combining the best features of both the analog and digital world, the Tempest features two digital oscillators and two analogue oscillators, allowing for an extensive selection of modulation routings and a unique blend of warm and punchy tones.

With its sixteen pressure and velocity-sensitive pads arranged in a 2x8 configuration, you are able to traverse the drum machine with considerable ease, playing up to thirty-two drums sounds (two banks) at once. You can also mute/unmute the sounds on playback, play and arrange sixteen beats in real time, play a specific sound in sixteen different tunings and then utilise the sixteen time steps for step programming.

Despite a revolutionary design and a gradual evolution over the years, Tempest is now to remain unaltered for the foreseeable future.

Taking to the DSI forum to explain the reasons behind the Tempest's halt in development, Dave Smith stated:

"When the Tempest was first conceived, we never imagined the many ways you would ultimately put it to use. As such, over time, we've done our best to add as many features as we deemed implementable within the Tempest's technical framework. We've listened to your requests and we have enhanced its operation, editing, and performance capabilities. While there are still some minor bugs remaining, we've addressed the bugs affecting the Tempest's essential operation and feel that it is stable, reliable, has abundant functionality and is very fun to play.

Though some of you continue to request new features and offer useful suggestions for improvement, we've reached what we consider the limits of the instrument's available memory and processing ability. For these reasons we consider this release (OS to be our final Tempest OS release. "

Following Smith's comment, Linns continued:

" Though I may have chosen differently, I understand Dave's decision to finish Tempest development with this update. He's devoted far more effort and resources to Tempest than any of his other products, and I feel that even with some remaining minor bugs, Tempest is incredibly deep and remarkably functional, and in my opinion has no competition for what it does. "

For more information on the Tempest and other Dave Smith instruments please visit our Dave Smith Instruments product page.

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By Josh Hummerston

Posted on 14 Mar 2017 13:39 to category : Instruments News

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