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BOSS Releases DR-01S Rhythm Partner For Acoustic Musicians

BOSS DR-1S Rhythm Partner
BOSS DR-1S Rhythm Partner
A world first, BOSS introduce their DR-01S Rhythm Partner. A visual percussion instrument designed with the acoustic musician in mind, the DR-01S can be used to produce a library of organic percussion sounds. Ranging from shakers to bongos, the DR-01S' authentic library of sounds has been built off the back of years of experience in the electronic percussion market. Long considered as some of the industries most reputable pioneers in electronic drumming, BOSS and parent company Roland continue to pave the way forward in an exciting new era of percussion.

A far-cry from the drum machines employed by the likes of DJ's and electronic musicians, the DR-01S produces dynamic and versatile grooves that enhance any acoustic performance. Ideally suited to accompany acoustic guitars, vocals and other acoustic instruments, the DR-01S adds an element of depth to your songs without being overbearing or distracting.

The interface of the DR-01S allows it efficiently respond to a number of different beats and styles with ease. The onboard speaker of the DR-01S entertains an a high-grade audio quality that blends seamlessly with other acoustic instruments and sounds. With its innovative cabinet design and portability to boot, the DR-01S can be connected to your line out in your acoustic amp or PA system and be taken anywhere and deployed in almost any environment.

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By Josh Hummerston

Posted on 11 Jul 2017 10:14 to category : Instruments News

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