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BOSS Releases 40th Anniversary Compact Pedal Box Set

BOX-40 Compact Pedal 40th Anniversary Box Set
BOX-40 Compact Pedal 40th Anniversary Box Set
In commemoration of BOSS' 40th anniversary, the company has released a limited run of Compact Pedal 40th Anniversary Pedal-Box_Sets . Comprised of three of BOSS' most coveted pedals: the OD-1 Overdrive, PH-1 Phaser and SP-1 Spectrum, the limited edition 40th Anniversary Box Set will be restricted to a production of only 1500.

Coming in at over 40 years old, BOSS' OD-1 Pedal is considered as one of the world's first forays into of overdrive footswitches. Born as a result of necessity, the OD-1 was a reaction from engineers who were desperately searching for a more natural and organic sound than many of the over-the-top fuzz pedals of the time. Utilising cutting edge technology, engineers harnessed an asymmetric clipping circuit that was able to produce evenly spread harmonics and overtones. Replicating the warmth of the industries finest tube amps, the OD-1 Overdrive pedal is a welcome addition across all genres of music and finds itself at home lifting the front end of your tone with its slight mid boost and tight bass response.

Often considered as one of BOSS' most elusive pedals, the SP-1 Spectrum pedal has been at the forefront of tone-shaping since 1981. Produced in extremely limited numbers, the pedal's likeness was extracted from some of Roland's early guitar and bass amps. A single-band parametric equaliser with a fixed level boost, the pedal allows you to sweep the central frequency from an impressive 500 Hz to 5kHz. If you're looking to provide an overall balance to your mix, dedicated balance knobs adjust the mix of the direct and effect sounds whilst keeping the levels even across the entire spectrum.

From elusive icons to industry game-changers, the much loved 1977 PH-1 Phaser pedal raised the bar in a number of different respects. A new and improved design on the replicated phaser pedals available at the time, the PH-1 took the clarity and depth of modulation of phaser pedals to an entirely new dimension. With its richer and more sustained low-end response, the PH-1 easily overpowered the more synthetic and flamboyant pedals that were available on the market. For its reissue, the PH-1 Phaser's FETs have been specifically aligned in order to reproduce the characteristics of the original, whilst granting more of a modern day functionality.

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By Josh Hummerston

Posted on 11 Jul 2017 09:39 to category : Instruments News

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