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BOSS' MDP Technology Listens and Adapts To Your Playing

Over the years BOSS have accumulated a reputation for designing and administering the latest innovative technologies in a way that not only enhances but responds to the player's specific style. One of the brand's most recent technological forays sees BOSS explore the realms of advanced multi-dimensional processing. Well renowned among guitarists for designing many of the industries staple pedals, BOSS have been been an unwavering presence in the world of music for over four decades.

Endeavouring to cater to any player, BOSS have deftly taken into account the intricacies of each and every playing style, acknowledging the vast differences in articulation and stylistic preferences between any two players. Whilst technique may be a fundamental factor in determining your tone, it is not the sole benefactor. BOSS are keenly aware of the implications that your very guitar and rig and its specific components contribute to your overall sound. From your pickups to your tone wood, your guitar is an extension of your tone, if not the defining feature.

When optimizing one's tone, you have take into account a whole plethora of different constituent parts that contribute the sound as a whole. In days gone by, much of the standardized technology which has been used to 'process' your playing has extended a holistic approach, often not acknowledging the more nuanced aspects of your playing as well as the dynamic requirements of the song.

BOSS's MVP technology however, analyses and interprets your playing note for note- easily distinguishing between blistering lead passages and a subtle chord progressions. Able to continually adjust itself in accordance with your playing at the time, BOSS's MVP tech enhances your tone irregardless of the specific dynamic, lending to a smooth and consistent performance.

Among this innovative range of units that utilize the processing technology are the OD-1X, DS-1X, CP-1X, BC-1X and BB-1X.

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By Josh Hummerston

Posted on 5 May 2017 13:17 to category : Instruments News

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