KORG SY-1M SyncMetronome

  • Infared Tempo Synchronisation
  • Fits Comfortably On To Any Ear Shape
  • Wide Variety Of Beats and Rhythms
  • Extended Operating Time and Memory Backup
  • Complete With Ear Pad and Carrying Case

KORG SY-1M SyncMetronome

The KORG SY-1M SyncMetronome is a compact yet versatile metronome that allows you to sync rhythm with other musicians so you can all hear the same rhythm. The Korg SyncMetronome features an infrared tempo synchroniser, ideal for synchronising with other musicians in band practice or soundcheck. It features a varied range of beats and rhythms to suit you, plus the 'Jog Switch' allows you change settings without removing the unit from your ear. The SyncMetronome is also designed for comfort, securely fitting to any ear shape plus it comes complete with an ear pad and carrying case.

Product Ref: 78809

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Synchronised For Performance

the Korg SY-1M SyncMetronome is unique in its functionality, allowing you to utilise multiple units and synchronise them with other musicians so you all hear the same tempo and metronome at the same time. This allows you all to find the tempo together and become uniformed when it comes to playing. The infrared sensor on the SY-1M SyncMetronome allows you to synchronise nearly instantly once activated. Traditionally bands would use a single metronome placed in the center of the group but this became problematic when it came to everyone playing at once and drowning out the metronome. The Korg SY-1M eliminates this problem by allowing you to synchronise each unit together and play in unison.

Wide Range Of Beats and Rhythms

The metronome itself features a varied range of rhythms and beats, ranging In tempo from 30-252 bpm. You can also set the beat in the range of 0-9 beats and choose the rhythm settings, ideal for varying time signatures. You can also omit beats from the rhythms for added versatility, perfect for different song styles, genres and time signatures.

Jog Switch Control

One of the most convenient features of the Korg SY-1M SyncMetronome is the ‘Jog Switch’ feature on the side of the units body. This ‘Jog Switch’ control allows you to change the settings of the SY-1M without having to remove it from your ear. This allows you to make changes to your beats, rhythms and tempo on the fly. The side of the body features mode select, power button, sync/mute button and a LCD displays which shows you all the relevant information you need such as tempo and rhythm.

Operating Time & Accessories

The compact yet robust design of the Korg SY-1M means its ideal to take with you anywhere you go, plus it provides up to 100 hours of continuous operating using a coin-type lithium battery. Another useful feature is the memory backup function which remembers the tempo and other settings even when the power is off. This allows you to retain your previous settings once you turn the unit back on. Additionally the SY-1M comes complete with a well-cushioned ear pad for added comfort plus a carrying case that neatly stores the SyncMetronome, the battery and the ear pad.


  • Practise your instrument while listening to the rhythm directly in your ear
  • Infrared tempo synchronization, ideal for multi-person practice sessions
  • A wide variety of beats and rhythms
  • Use the jog swtich to set the tempo intuitively
  • Comfortably and securely fits a variety of ear shapes
  • Extended operating time and memory backup
  • Ear pad and carrying case included