"Il Cessol" Stradivarius Violin Copy, 1716 Model, Full Outfit

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  • Includes Negri Classic Case, Pirastro String Setup & Orchestra Bow
  • Replica of the 1716 Il Cessol Stradivarius Model
  • Entirely Hand Crafted by Master Luthier Xue Ping Hue
  • Supplied with Certificate of Authenticity
  • Produces a Warm, Balanced Tone with High Frequencies

"Il Cessol" Stradivarius Violin Copy, 1716 Model, Full Outfit


The Il Cessol Stradivarius Violin copy continues the legacy of a classic instrument. The two-piece maple body produces a warm, balanced tone with bright high frequencies. The ebony fingerboard adds clarity to your sound and provides a comfortable feel during play, whilst the rosewood tailpiece adds complex overtones to your overall sound. The Stradivarius is ideal for musicians who want to achieve an articulate, mature tone in an ensemble. The oil varnish adds a classic aesthetic to this instrument. Set up with Pirastro obligato synthetic strings, this model offers a similar tone to gut with modern practicality. The Il Cessol violin comes with a Negri classic case and an orchestra carbon weave bow with pernambuco veneer.

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The Cessol

Antonio Stradivari has become one of the most renowned violin craftsmen of all time. The Cessol was originally created in 1716 with the purpose of being playable, but able to create an articulate voicing when played skilfully. The original has been regarded as one of Stradivari's finest instruments, and set the foundations for countless violins inspired by it. This interpretation of the original has all the classic elements, but with the benefit of a modern setup and build quality. This Cessol model is ideal for advancing students requiring a sound and feel to take them to the next level.

Full Size Violin

This 4/4 size Stradivarius Violin is the ideal fit for most players - adults and older children can enjoy the comfortable fit of this instrument. Worry no more about adjusting the instrument to your size and concentrate solely on your musical preparation.

Stunning Tonewoods

The use of maple and spruce is a tried and tested combination used in superior quality violins. This combination produces a focused, powerful sound with plenty of body and tonal warmth, which will only improve over time. The woods are hand selected based on their age and narrowness of grain, before being hand carved for a sound and appearance full of heritage. The distance between the grain affects the resonance of the instrument, with a narrower grain resulting in a more responsive, full bodied and weighted sound with a strong tonal core. The maple back and sides help provide a hard-wearing violin that works with the narrow grain spruce, to provide a unique instrument with incredible response, projection and full tonal body.

Pirastro Obligato String Setup

Providing musicians with a comfortable feel and endless tonal opportunities, the Pirastro Obligato strings are a renowned favourite of musicians worldwide. Designed as a truly innovative synthetic core string with moderate tension, the Obligato produces a clear sound full of subtle complexities. They're insensitive to humidity and temperature change, whilst offering a tone and feel similar to gut. These strings have been specifically selected to match this violin model.

Negri Classic Case

Included in this outfit is a Negri Classic violin case made with a wooden frame, featuring a water- repellant, nylon canvas cover. The Negri Classic features carry straps so the case can be used as a backpack. The case has a velvet interior(*) with two large accessory pockets and features a high quality lock to keep your instrument safe and secure.

*Interior Colours Subject to Availability.

Negri Classic Exterior Case Features

  • Wooden case
  • High quality lock
  • Waterproof Cover
  • Heavy gauge D-Rings
  • Extra strong hardware
  • Extra strong subway strap
  • Large zippered music pocket
  • Five-layer laminate wooden box
  • Carrying straps for a backpack system
  • Cover made of original nylon material
  • Extra screws for a perfect attaching of the cover
  • Big rain protection flap (only for the cordura version)
  • High quality metal parts chrome plated for resistance to corrosion
  • Oversized leather handle (for carrying the case with gloves in cold weather)

Negri Classic Interior Case Features

  • 4 high quality two position bow spinners with springs
  • Accent trim and highest quality burgundy velvet interior
  • 1 special shoulder rest compartment
  • 3 points deep suspension air system
  • 1 big accessory compartment
  • Violin protective blanket
  • Elegant brass pull
  • Hygrometer
  • Strings tube

Violin Specifications

Body & Bridge

  • Scale: 4/4
  • Length of Back: 356mm
  • Upper Bout: 167mm
  • Middle Bout: 115mm
  • Lower Bout: 208mm
  • Body: Two Piece Maple
  • Ribs: Maple
  • Scroll: Maple
  • Bridge: Fitted Maple

Neck & Hardware

  • Fingerboard: Ebony
  • Pegs: Rosewood, Swiss Model
  • Chinrest: Rosewood, Guarneri Model
  • Tailpiece: Rosewood, Paris Eye
  • Top Nut: Ebony
  • Finish: Oil Varnish