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TC Electronic is a Danish audio equipment manufacturer founded in 1967. Since it launched TC Electronic has become a major player in the digital signal processor, digital audio technology and digital amplification markets. With a wide range of guitar effects, audio interfaces, audio software and studio processors in stock we are sure you will find the best equipment to get the best out of your instrument, equipment and recordings.

TC Helicon is a Canadian audio equipment manufacturer and the only pro audio company 100% dedicated to providing creativity and control to singers. With a large array of vocal harmonizers, pitch correction, monitor speaker, microphones and many other products, TC Helicon focus on providing products for vocalists. At we have a wide selection of TC Helicons product line in stock.

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About TC Electronic and TC-Helicon

The TC Group see sound differently. They design and manfacture innovative sound products, based on the rich expertise of brands within the group such as TC Electronic and TC-Helicon. For guitarists and vocalists on stage, there's a product to improve each individual performance.

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