KRK Rokit RP8 G2 Active Monitor, Single

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  • KRK Rokit 8 Bi-Amped Active Studio Monitor
  • 1" Neodymium Soft Dome Tweeter
  • Glass Aramid Composite Cone Woofer
  • Virtually No Diffraction Distortion
  • Accurate Frequency Response

KRK Rokit RP8 G2 Active Monitor, Single


The KRK Rokit 8 bi-amped studio monitor has all the features that Rokits have become known for, including a front-firing bass port, soft-domed tweeter and glass aramid composite cone. On top of this, it offers refined voicing and a new curved baffle that not only looks great but also reduces diffraction and provides better monitoring accuracy.

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The Rokit 8 comes with an Input Volume Control that provides an adjustable gain range from +6dB to -30dB. This means you no longer have to compromise gain structure to achieve a comfortable listening level, letting you focus on your mix instead of on compatibility concerns.

The soft-domed tweeter on the Rokit 8 is designed to focus the sound outward, away from the cabinet, giving optimal high-frequency pattern control. Keeping the sound away from the cabinet prevents phase problems and increased diffraction from waveform interaction. The monitor also features a High Frequency Level Control for specific adjustment of high frequency output to suit the acoustics of your room.

The Rokit 8's cabinet has been specifically designed to reduce diffraction. The curved surfaces prevent sounds leaving the edge of the cabinet being reflected back into the original sound field, while the front-firing bass port gives a clean and accurate bass performance, even at high SPLs.

The monitor also features a bi-amplified amplifier system for discrete, low-distortion power for each driver, active crossover systems for smooth and accurate frequency response, and a variety of inputs to accomodate any studio environment.


For further information, please download the PDF manual from the link above.

  • 1" Neodymium Soft Dome Tweeter with Ferro Fluid
  • Glass Aramid Composite Cone Woofer
  • Radically curved front plate design virtually eliminates diffraction distortion
  • Waveguide design provides amazing detail and imaging
  • Front-firing port provides low freq extension without boundary coupling
  • New speaker voicing for even more accurate frequency response

Detailed Specs:

  • Configuration: 2-Way
  • System Type: Active Studio Monitor
  • Low Frequency: 8" Aramid Glass Composite Woofer
  • High Frequency: 1" Soft Dome Tweeter
  • Frequency Response: 44Hz - 20kHz
  • Max Peak SPL: 109dB
  • Amplifier Class: Class A-B
  • Power Output: 90W
  • High Frequency: 20W
  • Low Frequency: 70W
  • Input Impedance: 10K Ohm Balanced
  • HF Level Adjust: -2dB, -1dB, 0, +1dB
  • System Volume: -30dB - +6dB
  • Indicators: Power
  • Input Connectors: Unbalanced RCA, Balanced 1/4" TRS, Balanced XLR
  • AC Power Input: Selectable 110-120V / 220-240V (50Hz - 60Hz) or 100V (50Hz - 60Hz)
  • Port Configuration: Front-Firing Slot Port