Power Amplifiers

A Power Amp takes a low or intermediate-level signal and significantly boosts its power level so that it may be used by loudspeakers. A power amplifier is usually the final stage of amplification in a rig and typically comes in a 19" rack-mountable unit.

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About Power Amps

Powered amps are typically used at the output stage of PA system and exist in a 19” rackmount unit. Their job is to drive loudspeakers and transmit the audio signal. All Power Amplifiers will have a power rating. Power is measured in ‘Watts’ (W) and is rated at a certain load impedance. The load impedance is measured in 'Ohms' (Ω). Most Power Amps are commonly rated at either 8 Ohms, 4 Ohms or 2 Ohms and will need to match the power rating of the speakers they are being used with.

At Gear4music.com we have a fantastic selection of power amps from the leading brands in the industry, including Crown, Behringer, Peavey, Samson, Yamaha and Electro-Voice. Behringer’s EP4000 power amp is a popular amplifier that offers high-power and accurate response at a great price tag.

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