Pioneer DJM 900 Nexus 4 Channel Digital Mixer

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Product Ref: 24481

  • Plug and Play Computer Connectivity
  • rekordbox and Pro DJ Link
  • 6 Channel Assignable Sound Colour FX
  • New Fader Technology
  • Redesigned to be Less Vulnerable to Damage

Product Ref: 24481

Pioneer DJM 900 Nexus 4 Channel Digital Mixer


This digital mixer provides all kinds of ways for a DJ to get creative. With great computer connectivity, effects that are up-to-date and high performance features, the Pioneer DJM900 is an amazing tool for the pro DJ. Improvements over the DJM-800 include a rearranged, more intuitive connection panel, better fader technology and improved audio circuits to allow even more lifespan for the mixer.

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Full Description

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Plug-and-play computer connectivity

A single USB connection is all you need for MIDI control for DJ software like Ableton and TRAKTOR™. Additionally, being TRAKTOR™ Scratch Certified, DVS Control becomes a breeze: connect one USB cable and control TRAKTOR with Timecode CD and/or vinyl, directly through the mixer and without using a box or time code disc.

rekordbox™ and Pro DJ Link

With Pro DJ Link, you can connect your laptop via a single LAN cable and use rekordbox™ software. And any compatible CDJ connected to the mixer can access rekordbox™ with a single connection. New Pro DJ Link features on the DJM-900 nexus include Now On Play indication, rekordbox™ Quantize and Cue Link, an additional channel that lets you monitor new tracks from rekordbox™ directly to your headphones.

Flawless Beat Effects with X-Pad and rekordbox™ Quantize

13 Beat Effects add creative opportunities for every DJ style. New effects include Spiral, Slip Roll, Melodic and an entirely updated Reverb. The DJM-900 Nexus expands the familiar Beat buttons with the industry-first X-Pad to engage effects and change their timing with an intuitive, touch-sensitive strip. The new rekordbox™ Quantize easily lets you match the BPM and beat positioning to the effects by pressing a single button - even as you adjust or bend the pitch. MIDI LFO adds in easy control of external effects.

6 Full-fledged, channel-assignable Sound Colour FX

New, beefed-up effects turn creative vision into a reality at the twist of a dial. In addition to the essential Filter and Crush, the DJM-900 Nexus boasts 4 new modern effects. Noise is added by popular demand. Space reverb brings high-pass and low-pass ambiance. Dub Echo also has high-pass and low-pass control over a new tape delay effect. Gate/Comp strips back your music to the peaks, or beefs it up to seamlessly to blend drastically different productions together in the mix.

Better sound quality than competitor's mixers

The DJM-900 nexus is equipped with the same high-quality audio input and output circuits as the DJM-2000. The 4-channel 96kHz/24-bit soundcard streams all audio signals with an S/N ratio of 120 dB, delivering more accurate performance than competitor's mixers.

Sturdy and liquid proof

New fader technology and P-Lock fader caps will make the DJM-900 Nexus last for even longer between services in super-tough club environments. There are no more electronics directly under the fader, making the DJM-900 nexus much less vulnerable to damage from any liquids that might be spilled over it.

New Beat Effects:

  • Reverb

      DJs looking for processor-intensive reverbs no longer have to gamble with the stability of laptops to get the best quality. The DJM-900 nexus' Reverb brings lush studio quality with a two-minute tail, pitched room size control and input frequency filtering for stunning results.

  • Spiral

      This pitch echo with feedback looping can create psychedelic breakdowns and interludes from a single hit.

  • Slip Roll

      A DJM-2000 favorite, this ultimate beat-mashing tool puts rhythmic slicing and dicing at your fingertips. Continuously re-sample and loop fresh chunks of audio as you slide between loop sizes on the X-PAD, in perfect time with the beat.

  • Melodic

      This side-chain pitching sampler is another inspiration from the DJM-2000. Hit the X-PAD to simultaneously sample from the selected channel, and hold your finger down to trigger the sample from the peaks of the underlying music. Then slide your finger along to adjust the sample length while you change the playback pitch with the BEAT buttons.


      DJs looking for processor-intensive reverbs no longer have to gamble with the stability of laptops to get the best quality. The DJM-900 nexus' Reverb brings lush studio quality with a two-minute tail, pitched room size control and input frequency filtering for stunning results.


  • Screen: 10 cm (3,94") bright dot matrix display
  • ProDJ Link:
    • Now On Play warns that CDJ is playing
    • Beat Effects use rekordbox BPM and Beatgrid information to keep effects in time
    • rekordbox Cue Link acts like an additional audio channel to preview in your headphones
  • Beat Effects: Delay, Echo, Spiral, Reverb, Trans, Filter, Flanger, Phaser, Robot, Melodic, Slip Roll, Roll, Reverse Roll
  • MIDI/HID Control: 61 fully assignable MIDI controls
  • No. of Channels: 4
  • Sampling Rate / Depth: 96 kHz / 24-bit
  • rekordbox™ Link: Yes

Further Specs:

  • Dimensions (W x H x D): 331 x 108 x 409 mm
  • Power Consumption: 42 W
  • Auto Standby: Yes
  • SN Ratio: Line: 107 dB
  • Sampling Rate: 96 kHz
  • A/D Converter: 32-bit
  • D/A Converter: 32-bit
  • Frequency Response: 20 Hz to 20 kHz
  • Harmonic Distortion: < 0.004
  • Headroom: 19 dB
  • Rack Mount: Yes, with adapter


  • Channel EQ: 3 band
  • EQ Range: Built-in switchable 3-band equalizer (+6dB to -26dB) and 3-band isolator (+6dB to -∞dB).
  • Fader Curve: 3 Curves
  • Level Meter Type:Individual
  • Level Meter Size:15 Segment


  • CD/LINE Input (RCA): 6
  • PHONO (RCA): Input2
  • S/PDIF Digital Input (RCA): 4
  • Digital LAN Input (Pioneer Link) 1
  • MIC Input (1/4 inch Jack): 1
  • MIC Input (XLR/Jack Combo): 1
  • RETURN (1/4 inch Jack): 1


  • Master Output (XLR): 1
  • Master Output (RCA): 1
  • Booth Output (1/4 inch Jack): 1
  • Rec Out (RCA): 1
  • Digital Out (Coaxial): 1
  • S/PDIF Digital Out (RCA): 1
  • Send (1/4 inch Jack): 1
  • USB-B: 1


  • Master Balance: Yes
  • Stereo/Mono Switch: Yes
  • Level Meter Size: 15 Segment
  • Master Out Attenuator: Yes

Cross Fader

  • Cross Fader Type: Carbon Rail with P-Lock Fader Cap
  • Fader Curve: 3
  • Assignable: Yes
  • Field Replaceable: Yes


  • Auto BPM Counter: Yes
  • Effect Level & Depth Volume: Yes
  • MIDI Global Clock: Yes
  • rekordbox Quantize: Yes
  • Roll Sampler (Fwd): Yes
  • Roll Sampler (Reverse): Yes
  • Twin LFO: Yes
  • Sound Processor: 32-bit
  • X-PAD: Yes


  • Mic Connection: Neutrik Combo
  • Mic EQ: 2 band
  • Mic EQ Range: + - 12 dB
  • Talkover: 3-Position Switch
  • Talkover Attenuator: Yes

Midi Info:

  • Assignable Controls: 61
  • MIDI Out (DIN): 1
  • MIDI Start/Stop: Yes
  • MIDI LFO: Yes


  • Connection USB
  • Stereo Inputs 4
  • Stereo Outputs 4
  • Sample Rate 24-bit
  • Frequency 96 kHz
  • Special Features:
    • Input all 4 decks inside TRAKTOR via 1 USB cable
    • TRAKTOR SCRATCH Certified
    • Can output time code disk signal for DVS software