M-Audio ProKeys Sono 88 Key

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Product Ref: 11676

  • 88-note, semi-weighted, velocity-sensitive keyboard
  • Stereo-sampled Steinway piano & 6 other instruments
  • GM compatible with 128 onboard sounds
  • Reverb and chorus effects
  • Built in USB & 2-in/2-out audio interface

Product Ref: 11676

M-Audio ProKeys Sono 88 Key


88-Key Portable Digital Piano with USB Audio Interface

Please note, this product does not have built in speakers and external amplification will be required for use as a stage piano or practice keyboard.

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Full Description

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The ProKeys Sono 88 portable digital piano with audio interface lets keyboard players and songwriters bridge the gap between writing, recording and performing. 88 semi-weighted, velocity-sensitive keys, advanced keybed scanning technology and a stereo-sampled emulation of a Steinway grand piano deliver an incredibly expressive piano experience. Six additional instant-access instruments and a full onboard General MIDI sound set round out a premium performance solution that can be used with or without a computer.* In the studio, the bus-powered keyboard s built-in USB audio interface makes it easy to record your performance plus vocals and instruments directly to the computer with the included software. ProKeys Sono 88 provides an intuitive and seamless experience from start to finish, whether you re jamming live, creating professional-quality recordings or teaching music.

The worlds first digital pianos with built-in audio interface technology, M-Audio ProKeys Sono 88 and ProKeys Sono 61 keyboards offer musicians, songwriters and keyboardists a wide range of possibilities?from performing live with a laptop to recording tracks in the studio. ProKeys Sono digital pianos also function in standalone mode, allowing you to play the onboard sounds and collaborate with other musicians without connecting to a computer.

ProKeys Sono digital pianos also function in standalone mode, allowing you to play the onboard sounds and collaborate with other musicians without connecting to a computer.There are literally dozens of ways to use the Sono series, and you?ll no doubt discover many more.

Using ProKeys Sono as a MIDI Controller

ProKeys Sono can also double as a great MIDI controller. Both the 61 and 88 models feature an assignable knob, pedal input and modulation wheel. These controls can be mapped to send MIDI messages to hardware and software devices. You can even assign ProKeys Sono to be the audio interface and MIDI control device. This allows you to perform and record using nothing more than ProKeys Sono and a laptop. Example: You can use ProKeys Sono to control virtual instruments, MIDI tracks and plug-ins in the included Ableton Live Lite software. First, open Live Lite and make sure ProKeys Sono is selected as the default audio and MIDI I/O device (be sure to turnthe Remote tab on). Now create a MIDI track and load a virtual instrument plug-in. By right-clicking on the virtual instrument and choosing Edit MIDI Map, you can assign ProKeys Sono?s voice volume knob, modulation wheel and pedal input to any parameter you want. The sturdy, high-quality velocity-sensitive keys are great for playing virtual instruments?offering a higher level of playability than most standard MIDI controllers

Recording a Live Performance

If you are playing a gig with ProKeys Sono and a laptop, you can easily record your live performance. Load up your backing tracks in Ableton Live Lite (or another DAW), and create two audio tracks for ProKeys Sono inputs 1 and 2. You can also create a MIDI track and capture the raw MIDI data generated during your performance. Make sure that inputs 1, 2 and the MIDI track are set to record, and play along with your backing tracks. After the gig is over, you?ll have the entire performance recorded?along with raw MIDI data that you can edit later. With ProKeys Sono, you?ll always be able to capture the unexpected improvisations that happen when playing live.

Click the link below to watch a video introduction to the ProKeys series

*Optional power supply required for standalone use


88-note, semi-weighted, velocity-sensitive keyboard

onboard, stereo-sampled emulation of a Steinway grand piano

6 other high-quality instruments bright piano, electric piano, organ, clav, strings, choir

GM compatible with 128 onboard sounds, plus drums and percussion

reverb and chorus effects

layer mode

40-note (maximum) polyphony

Built-in USB audio interface

2-in/2-out audio interface

16-bit/44.1kHz (CD-quality) audio

XLR microphone, 1/4 instrument and RCA inputs

1/4 jacks for stereo line output

dual front-mounted headphone jacks

hardware direct monitoring

assignable modulation wheel and voice volume control

pitch bend wheel

transpose +/- buttons assignable to alter octave, transpose, program, Bank LSB, Bank MSB, MIDI channel or master tune

Edit Mode button for advanced MIDI functionality

MIDI Out from USB mode allows the keyboard to be used as a MIDI interface

USB bus-powered operation no power supply required when connected to your computer

standalone use connect a conventional 9V power supply to the DC power socket or use a USB power supply

class-compliant MIDI requires no additional drivers

includes low-latency drivers for optimal audio performance

sustain pedal jack

MIDI Out jack

On/Off switch

Piano Reset button restores all settings to piano sound (default state)

Unit Weight boxed

11.10 kg / 24.5 lbs.

Unit Size unboxed

135.34 x 22.83 x 6.61 cm

53.3 x 9 x 2.6