DISC Roland C-200 Classic Organ

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DISC Roland C-200 Classic Organ


The most streamlined and affordable of Roland's Classic Organ series is the new C-200. Ideal for students or musicians who desire great sound with portability and simplicity, the C-200offers a clean, clear user interface and an instantly selectable menu of high-quality organ, piano and celesta sounds as well as harpsichord and fortepiano for baroque ensemble applications. For portability, the C-200 features high-quality built-in speakers with Bass Reflex and a single 76-note keyboard, however it easily lets you simulate dual-manual performance via programmable keyboard split points and zones. For additional performance flexibility, an optional pedalboard can be added. The C-200 is the ideal instrument for classical music students, small choirs, and intimate churches, chapels, concert halls, and theatres.

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The successor to the popular C-190, the C-200 is for traditional organists who want great sounds and features in a portable instrument. It?s equipped with authentic classical organ sounds and orchestral voices, plus Harpsichord, Fortepiano, Piano, and Celesta sounds for accompaniment in Baroque ensembles. The user interface is extremely simple and intuitive, with dedicated buttons for sound selection and choosing from four Baroque pitches and five different temperaments.

The C-200 features a 76-note virtual dual-manual keyboard with individually defined upper and lower sections, allowing users to achieve true dual-manual performance from a compact instrument. It also provides a wide key range for playing piano sounds. Support for an optional PK-series pedalboard (PK-5A, PK-7A, or PK-25A - NOT INCLUDED) is available as well.

The built-in stereo speaker system provides superb sound, and pleasant ambience effects emulate the rich sound experience of playing in a large hall or cathedral. An onboard easy-to-use recorder is also included for music practice.

Combining compact design with traditional sounds, the C-200 is perfect for gigging classical musicians and students alike. It?s also well-suited for use with choirs and gospel groups, and is a great portable instrument for church use in chapels and cathedrals.


  • Portable design with simple user interface
  • 76 keys for dual-manual simulation as well as wide key range for the Fortepiano and Piano sound.
  • Built-in stereo speaker system with Bass Reflex
  • Pedalboard IN (PK-IN) to support an optional PK-series pedalboard (PK-5A, PK-7A, PK-25A) - NOT INCLUDED
  • High-quality organ sounds with variations
  • Dedicated buttons for Harpsichord, Fortepiano, Piano and Celesta sounds
  • Internal Orchestral sounds for Pedal, Manual I and Manual II
  • Four baroque pitches and five Temperaments support by easy buttons
  • One-track recorder function for performance recording and evaluation
  • USB Flash Memory connector to store performances and registration sets