VOX Tone Garage V8 Distortion Guitar Pedal

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  • V8 Distortion Pedal from the Tone Garage Series
  • New Hi-Volt Technology, 12AX7 Vacuum Tube
  • Mid-Shift Function for Extra Tonal Definition
  • Gain Control
  • A Huge Array of Distortion Tones

VOX Tone Garage V8 Distortion Guitar Pedal


Vox's unique design philosophy and carefully selected components come together to form the Tone Garage Series. The V8 Distortion Pedal provides not only the warm tone you'd expect from tube technology, but also the all-important feel.

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Full Description

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The V8 high-gain distortion unit boasts an awe-inspiring tone, perfect for heavy riffs, soloing, and cutting lead sounds. A mid-shift function adds extra tonal definition.

Vox's newly-developed Hi-Volt technology means the 12AX7 vacuum tube can operate at 200V while still running a battery, exceeding all the expectations for a compact pedal unit with its true tube-driven sound that's natural and dynamic.

Vacuum tubes are generally considered big in relation to today's usual components, but VOX were able to take this technology and still keep the V8 small enough to fit snugly on your pedalboard.

The V8's gain control changes the tonal character in a more subtle way than simply changing the amplitude. From zero to max, you'll find an array of highly usable and natural distortion tones.

Features and Specifications

To view further information about the V8 Distortion Pedal, please download the manual PDF from the link below.

  • Input impedance: 1M Ohm
  • Output impedance: 2.2k Ohm
  • Vacuum tube: ECC83 / 12AX7
  • Connections: INPUT jack (guitar input), OUTPUT jack (line output)
  • Power: AA battery x 6
  • AC adapter: DC 9V (Option)
  • Vacuum tube operating voltage: 200 V
  • Consumption current: 240 mA
  • Battery Life: Approximately 7 hours
  • Dimensions (mm): W 87 x D 132 x H 63
  • Weight: 420 g (not including battery)
  • Accessories: AA alkaline battery x 6 (for verifying operation)
  • Options: AC Adapter