Radial Tonebone Bumper Instrument Selector

  • Connect Up To Four Instruments Simultaneously
  • Radial's Own Class-A Buffer Circuit
  • Built-In Separately Buffered Tuner
  • Drag™ Control Load Correction

Radial Tonebone Bumper Instrument Selector

The Radial Tonebone Bumper Instrument Selector gives you the ability to connect up to four instrument to a single guitar amp and toggle between them using a single footswitch. This handy selector is perfect for rehearsal of live use, allowing you to connect multiple guitars at once. The Instrument Selector features Radials' own Class-A buffer circuit ensuring a natural tone. Each instrument you connect can be further tailored with Drag™ control load correction to compensate for the buffer, replicating the tone as if you were connected directly to the amp.

Product Ref: 71941

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Class-A Buffer Circuit

One of the most unique features of the Bumper Instrument Selector is Radial's own Class-A buffer circuit that produces the optimal natural tone. With each instrument connected to the Selector, the tone can be crafted further with Drag™ control load correction. This compensates the buffer time and replicates the tone to feel as if the instrument was connected directly to an amplifier.

Multiple Connections

As well as offering up to four instrument connections, you can also combine active and passive instrument, with the high output active instruments that can be altered using the trim control, reducing sensitivity where needed. This features allows for quicker changeovers without having to adjust other equipment levels such as stage amps or PA systems. Another handy features of the Bumper Instrument Selector is the built in, separately buffered tuner, allowing you to make adjustments on-the-fly. With its premium-quality components and exceptional functionality, the Bumper Instrument Selector is the ideal companion for guitar players.


  • Radial's renowned Class-A buffer circuit
  • Connect up to four instruments simultenously
  • Built-in separately buffered tuner
  • High output active instruments tailored using the trim control
  • Drag™control load correction