Kyser Lem-Oil Fingerboard Oil

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  • Keeps Fret Board Lubricated
  • Prolongs The Overall Life Of Your Instrument
  • Improves The Sound Quality
  • 0.85/10ml

Kyser Lem-Oil Fingerboard Oil

Kyser Lem Oil ensures the longevity of your instrument, it keeps your fretboard from drying out and makes the instrument easier and faster to play because it improves the smoothness and quality of your instrument.

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Lem - Oil

Kyser Lem - Oil is an ideal choice for musicians who want to keep their fretboard from drying out which is very important for prolonging the life of your instrument. The smoother your fretboard is, the faster and easier your guitar will play. Next time you change your strings, use Lem - Oil to clean your fretboard and fingerboard.