DISC Nineboys Delta Wedge Diddley Bow

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  • Alnico V Exposed Coil Pickup
  • Great With a Bottleneck Slide
  • Fun, Unique Instrument
  • Authentic Blues Sound
  • Easy to Play

DISC Nineboys Delta Wedge Diddley Bow

The Nineboys Wedge is a one of a kind instrument inspired by the diddley-bows used by early Delta Blues players. A single string is stretched over the body with a pick-up mounted underneath. The instrument is designed to be played with a bottleneck slide. The Nineboys Wedge is a modern, reliable and approachable instrument that still maintains the charms of the original DIY creations. Cranked up through a small valve amp it produces a howling delta-blues sound!

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Full Description

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The Nineboys Delta Wedge consists of a single string of baling wire tensioned between two nails on a board over a glass bottle, which is used both as a bridge and as a means to magnify the instrument's sound. The Nineboys Wedge pays homage to this with a soup can for the bridge and nut and bolt to hold it in place at the neck.

Some background on Diddley-Bows

Traditionally, Diddley-Bows were made from discarded materials, and spare items found in bins, farms, and junkyards. They were considered a starter or children's instrument in the Deep South of America, especially in the African American community and were rarely heard outside the rural South.

How it's made today.....

Nineboys have designed the Wedge so that it's a highly approachable and comfortable instrument to play. A single machine head provides the ability to change tuning easily, and they've put a handy fret-board on the body to help. Designing it for the 21st century they've added volume control.

The beauty of the Wedge is that it's built with consistency, to a high standard, yet maintaining the charms of the original DIY diddley-bows.

The Wedge is a great gift for the guitarist who has everything, or the one that wants to try something bold and new. Although originally a blues instrument, mixing a double octave range slide instrument with a pedal or two completely opens up the sounds possible.

Here's what the guys at Musicradar say about the Wedge.


  • Special Features: The 'blues scale' is indicated within the 'fret' markings
  • Circuitry Type: 1 x volume
  • Pickup Type: Alnico Humbucking pickup