WHD 14" x 6.5" Steel Snare & Gig Bag, White

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  • Includes High Grade Snare Drum Bag with Stick Bag By Gear4music
  • WHD 14" x 6.5" Steel Snare, White

WHD 14" x 6.5" Steel Snare & Gig Bag, White


A premium quality, 14" x 6.5" Steel Snare Drum in attractive gloss white finish complete with High Grade Snare Drum Bag with back straps and detachable drumstick bag by Gear4music!

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WHD 14" x 6.5" Steel Snare, White

The snare drum is possibly the most vital part of the drummers arsenal, and should not be underestimated.

Steel is loud, yet sensitive and responsive, giving a larger dynamic range. The most notable sound characteristic of steel drum shells is their bright tone, long sustain and penetrating rim shot sound. As well as the attractively finished steel shell, the snare also features a heavy duty snare strainer, and tunes well at both tight and slack tensions.

If rim shots are a big part of your playing style, or you just need your snare to cut through loud music and have a greater dynamic range, you should try a steel-shelled snare drum, and at this price, it would seem silly not to.

High Grade Snare Drum Bag with Stick Bag By Gear4music

Exceptional quality and features, the High Grade Snare Drum Bag by Gear4music features a well padded 14" compartment for your snare alongside a detachable drumstick bag and a seperate front pocket designed for any additional hardware such as drum keys, triangle beaters etc.


"Immediately obvious when you unpack this WHD snare is that you're getting an awful lot of snare for your money. The drum gives a good account of itself at the rockier end of things. Give the drum a quarter turn all the way around and it produces a little extra top end. When we take things up a gear it handles rim shots with surprising aplomb." - MusicRadar.com

1 year standard warranty (Upgradeable)

WHD (Previously known as White Horse Drums) is a premium brand of Gear4music.com.

The Latest in Drum Design, Components and Sound.

Bringing together cutting edge drum design and premium quality components, WHD kits have been developed for the drummer looking to take their sound to the next level. The WHD range includes stunning acoustic drum kits, up-to-the-minute electronic drum kits and fresh snares; each is constructed using only the finest materials, ranging from specially sourced Birch and Basswood, to super-tough hardened acrylic.

With design features including double braced hardware across the kits and professional REMO heads fitted on all acoustic drums, WHD goes far beyond what is expected from a drum kit at this price point. Completed by striking visual appeal and stand out tone, WHD drums are set to establish themselves as the discerning drummer's choice, whether they play indie, rock, metal or jazz.