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Peavey Bass Amps are renowned for their power and reliability. Being a main dealer of Peavey, can offer you the best of Peavey’s state of the art range of bass amps at the lowest prices. Peavey’s Max series bass combos offer reliability, power and tone to a full line of performance, rehearsal and practice amplifiers, ranging from 60 watts down to 15 watts. View All Information

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About Peavey Bass Amps

Peavey have been making amplifiers since 1957 and are now one of the largest audio equipment manufacturers in the world, renowned for their range of high quality bass amps endorsed by musicians worldwide.

For crushing power and relentless reliability we highly recommend the renowned Tour series amps, high powered workhorses featuring highly specialized EQ, built in sub-harmonic generator and Peavey’s new, and patented smart rail technology.

Peavey Bass Amp News

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